Spencer and Mom Talk Sports.

Episode 24: And Then There Were Four

March 29, 2023 Spencer and Allyson Season 3 Episode 24
Spencer and Mom Talk Sports.
Episode 24: And Then There Were Four
Show Notes

The weekend all college basketball fans have been waiting for...The Final Four.  Spencer and Mom discuss the men's and women's FF and how both are very different this year. 

They discuss the question: Do you want the team that beat you to win the natty or the team you beat earlier in the season to win? They talk about how Miami has an advantage in recruiting because who doesn’t want to live in Miami? Mom shares how ticket prices for the men’s FF are less than the women’s ticket prices for their FF.  

Spencer is headed to the Final Four in Houston and looks forward to networking and seeing coaching friends. 

Mom talks about how happy she is to see college women’s basketball slaying with great players, teams and attendance numbers.  She’s excited to watch the Iowa vs South Carolina match-up on Friday night. 

Spencer and Mom answer listener questions about Spencer’s winning emotions, the rules of the portal and Rick Pitino’s ability to turn St. Johns around. Spencer talks about the players in the portal he would like to see go to Arkansas. 

They discuss what the heck is going on at North Carolina.  Spencer gives his take on whether the basketballs are affecting shooting during the tournament…spoiler, he says no. 

They finish the episode with their Final Four predictions. 

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